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To cut to the chase: I am dropping them as a supplier

To cut to the chase, my misadventures with Yahoo have progressed to the point where I am dropping them as a supplier. The unbelievably stupid problem returned, and that's that. While before I said I was simply too angry to even discuss this problem, it's time.

The error/bug/outright stupidity is as follows: I was recently on the road, attempting to access my Yahoo Mail account via my Motorola Q. I would compose messages, but then get an error saying "service not available - try again later", and of course, losing all that painful typing I'd just done. This occurred with Yahoo Mobile, Yahoo Go, and everything else I tried. Then, around 2:00 in the afternoon, I noticed I wasn't getting any new messages - another obvious, painful, and all-to-common-with-Yahoo outage was in progress. No sending, no receiving. No matter; I was about to get on a plane back to Boston.

Back in the office, upon logging in, still no mail. And now the stupid part. Upon trying to send mail, I got a message, not identified as even coming from Yahoo (it was a standard Windows pop-up message), that said something to effect of to protect me, my account was being locked for up to 48 hours. Protect me? From what? Doing my job?

A call to Yahoo Support yielded the usual apology from a self-described "low-level tech" who admitted he had not a clue what was going on. But, this being the second time I was subject to this nonsense, I told him that (a) all I really wanted was to please get me the missing e-mail messages, and (b) that's it, I'm done, I'm soon to be an ex-customer, and that I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take this anymore. Yahoo's not even trying.

I should point out that the root of this problem is in the fact that Yahoo's mobile interfaces do not work with "business" e-mail accounts. So I've been forwarding my business mail to a regular Yahoo e-mail account, and that's the one that yahoo felt they should lock me out of. I like Yahoo mail because it (a) offers unlimited storage, (b) has folders, and (c) has a great Web interface with drag and drop. But, being proprietary, I have to use their client to get to the folders. And, given the complete lack of reliability, poor support, and just being plain too tired to continue the fight, it's easier to move my mobile e-mail elsewhere.

Or is it? Here's what I need: a web-based e-mail service that allows access through any browser (including mobile browsers), has folders, and a reasonable amount of storage. Mobile Gmail is my next stop, I suppose, but there are other possibilities. Have a favorite? Let me know. Right now I'm using Microsoft's bug-ridden Outlook Express to slowly and painfully download 2+ GB of mail from Yahoo - more trauma.

My situation, of course, pales in comparison to the absolute evil done by Yahoo to that unfortunate Chinese dissident. But that's the kind of company I've been sending cash to - clueless, out of touch, and just plain incompetent. No one should put up with such poor service, ever. And no one should offer it, either.

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