Domino's Pizza upgrades its online ordering system

Pizza and broadband create a potent mix to increase revenue

It comes as no surprise to learn that 65 per cent of frequent pizza consumers use broadband more than three times a week. It is this kind of market research that helped Domino's Pizza CIO, Barry Wiech, shape innovative technology solutions to increase revenue.

As part of a $150,000 upgrade of Domino's online ordering system, Wiech said the company undertook 10 months of research and development.

He said this ensured the project hit the mark with a high number of existing and new customers. And it was this process that facilitated the discovery that eating pizza and using broadband go hand-in-hand.

Wiech said the major advantage of the Internet ordering system is that orders bypass the front counter and go straight to the pizza making line.

He said this makes ordering and the payment process much faster.

In fact, pizza lovers can go online and use the 'anticipation clock' to get real-time updates of their pizza order.

"The online ordering system is an example of how we are using innovation to make it easier for customers to order from us," Wiech said.

"Essentially we are providing our customers with another shop window from which they can conveniently order their pizza at any time or location."

The system allows customers to choose their pizza base and add/delete toppings from the complete list of ingredients.

Wiech said the system also remembers each customer's previous orders for fast re-ordering.

He said it is currently being rolled out to Domino's 471 stores across Australia and New Zealand.

It is now available in over 73 per cent of the publicly-listed company's stores nationwide.

Domino's Pizza has 11,000 staff and makes more than 50 million pizzas each year.

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