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Health and safety in offshore petroleum industry aided by Objective ECM

  • 13 November, 2007 11:07

<p>The National Offshore Petroleum Safety Authority (NOPSA) has selected an enterprise content management (ECM) solution from Objective Corporation (ASX: OCL) to help it work with the Australian offshore petroleum industry advising on, promoting and regulating occupational health and safety.</p>
<p>Worth $18 billion, it is a high hazard industry employing 14,000 people.</p>
<p>NOPSA is a Commonwealth statutory authority responsible for properly controlling all health and safety risks in the offshore petroleum industry; administering legislation; and promoting continuous improvement in the management of health and safety within the industry.</p>
<p>Information, together with consistently executing regulatory and administrative processes is critical to NOPSA performing effectively. The consequences of mismanaging information and processes could significantly impact the health and safety of people working within the industry.</p>
<p>John Townsend, Chief Information Officer, NOPSA said: “As a regulator, we demand of our customers a high degree of management and control of information and processes. We believe it to be incumbent on us to operate under these same demands.”</p>
<p>In an enterprise-wide implementation, NOPSA will use Objective to underpin its entire operations: from safety assessments, audits and inspections through to corporate administration such as finance, human resources and administration.</p>
<p>NOSPA will be using Objective Electronic Document Management, Records Management, Workflow and Web Content Management together with optional modules including Objective Offline to form a central information resource and repository for all of its unstructured information as well as manage many of its information-intensive business processes.</p>
<p>The majority of NOPSA’s staff are Health &amp; Safety Inspectors who travel to offshore facilities for inspections, to investigate incidents and enforce regulations. Objective will greatly assist this mobile workforce in being able to quickly and easily gather essential background research information, such as:</p>
<p>• Previous reports on specific facilities
• Issues that were flagged as important
• Any recommendations made
• Recommendations that were made for similar facilities.</p>
<p>With limited internet or network access on offshore facilities, all new work produced by the Inspectors will be easily managed and synchronised with the corporate ECM system using Objective Offline when Inspectors return to the office or re-connect.</p>
<p>Objective will also be used to support Safety Case Assessments. Offshore operators are required to submit Safety Cases and gain approval from NOPSA prior to commencing any activities. Objective’s Workflow, together with Document and Records Management, will help NOPSA control the process of assessing and approving Safety Cases, monitor progress against deadlines and generally improve efficiencies enabling them to be more responsive to their industry.</p>
<p>With accurate data and reporting capability, Objective will also assist NOPSA to measure its own ability to record information and processes to meet its recordkeeping obligations.</p>
<p>ECM is one of the two cornerstones of NOPSA’s Information Strategic Plan; together with a proposed Regulatory Data Management System, ECM will facilitate both regulatory and administrative processes and support core business functions.</p>
<p>“With Objective, NOPSA can rely on a robust repository and workflow engine to implement processes to support the integrity of its operations.</p>
<p>“For example, if the Authority were challenged to prove the validity of its assertions in a major investigation, we will be able to quickly and efficiently gather all of the related information. We would have a robust audit trail of processes and decisions and how those decisions were made,” said Mr Townsend.</p>
<p>About the National Offshore Petroleum Safety Authority</p>
<p>NOPSA is a Statutory Authority regulating Commonwealth, State and Territory coastal waters with accountability to the Commonwealth Minister for Industry, Tourism &amp; Resources and relevant State ministers.
The Authority has its headquarters in Perth and commenced operations on 1 January 2005.</p>
<p>The role of the National Offshore Petroleum Safety Authority (NOPSA) is to administer offshore petroleum safety legislation. The organisation's primary objectives include:</p>
<p>• Improving health and safety outcomes across the offshore
petroleum industry
• Ensuring health and safety regulation of the offshore petroleum
industry is provided to standards that are equal to the best in the
• Reducing the regulatory burden on the offshore petroleum industry,
which operates across multiple jurisdictions, by delivering a
consistent and comprehensive health and safety regime.</p>
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