Toshiba intros fast cycle RAM for switches, routers

Toshiba has introduced a series of 256M-bit FCRAM (fast cycle RAM) chips designed for high-speed routers and switches.

Made using a 0.18-micron process, Toshiba's latest FCRAM chips offer a random access time of 25 nanoseconds and a data transfer rate of up to 400M bits at a clock speed of 200MHz. The chips are also available in versions that run at clock speeds of 181MHz and 154MHz, which offer data transfer rates of 363M bits per second and 308M bits per second, respectively.

The performance of the latest FCRAM chips comes close to comparable SRAM (static RAM) chips, Toshiba said. However, the 256M-bit FCRAM chips use 30 percent less power than SRAM (static RAM) chips, it claimed.

FCRAM is designed to be used in high-speed Internet and LAN applications. Toshiba expects demand for FCRAM to reach 100 million units of 128M-bit-equivalent units by 2005. The company is currently sampling 256M-bit FCRAM chips at a sample cost of US$60.

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