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Check Point unveils groundbreaking new consumer virtulised browser security with ZoneAlarm ForceField

  • 26 September, 2007 11:09

<p>Sydney, Australia – September 25, 2007 – Check Point® Software Technologies Ltd. (Nasdaq: CHKP), the worldwide leader in securing the Internet, today unveiled a public beta of the new ZoneAlarm ForceField at the DEMOfall 07 technology conference in San Diego.</p>
<p>ZoneAlarm ForceField is the first virtualised, on-demand browser security solution to enable consumers to bank and shop online, or surf dangerous areas of the Internet without fear or limitation. Built from the ground-up specifically to fight the emerging classes of browser-based Web threats, ForceField also erases all personal information after a Web browsing session to further protect consumer privacy online. Features include browser virtualisation, powerful anti-phishing technology, ZoneAlarm’s Spy Site Blocker (also found in the award-winning ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite) and additional dangerous download defenses.</p>
<p>“ZoneAlarm ForceField uniquely defends against the escalating wave of malicious, privacy-infringing Web threats,” said Scott Ferguson, regional vice president, Asia at Check Point. “We use precision virtualisation technologies and powerful data security principles to secure Web surfers in a two-way ‘bubble of security,’ uniquely protecting them from Web threats as well as spyware or keyloggers that may already reside on a PC.”</p>
<p>“Utilising Web browsers as a new primary attack vector, hackers and crackers are now heavily focused on stealing personal information for financial gain,” said Charles Kolodgy, research director at IDC. “The result is a proliferation of Web threats, such as phishing attacks, drive-by downloads and keyloggers that pose enormous risk to personal privacy and invoke fear among consumers that have begun to significantly alter their online behavior.”</p>
<p>Employing a state-of-the-art precision virtualisation engine plus additional active security layers, ZoneAlarm ForceField provides distinctive and powerful protection against a breadth of Web-based attacks including browser exploits, drive-by downloads, and phishing attacks, plus keyloggers and spyware already on the PC. ForceField leverages the power of Check Point’s Smart Defense Advisor, a hosted service that enables the company to offer users real-time protection against zero-hour threats.</p>
<p>Light, fast and easy-to-use, ZoneAlarm ForceField does not interfere with users’ Web routines. At general availability launch expected in Q1 2008, ForceField will offer an instant version that deploys instantly to any PC without requiring manual installation to provide on-the-go, anytime use on any PC. The instant version will be included with the downloadable version of the product.</p>
<p>“A new generation of relentlessly connected consumers has helped transform the Web into a collaborative and dynamic environment capable of connecting the world like never before,” said Chris Shipley, analyst and executive producer of DEMO. “ZoneAlarm ForceField really speaks to this new era of the Internet by taking a step away from the traditional, and developing a solution that quickly and seamlessly eradicates modern Web threats.”</p>
<p>ZoneAlarm ForceField Features and Benefits</p>
<p>· Virtual surfing creates a duplicate, disposable version of “you” to block Web attacks, leaving users safe to surf safely</p>
<p>· Two-way protection not only defends the PC against Internet attacks, but also protects Web sessions from threats already on the PC-, like spyware and keyloggers.</p>
<p>· Advanced anti-phishing utilises sophisticated heuristics and the best signature system available to prevent users from visiting fraudulent Web sites that try to trick users into revealing personal data.</p>
<p>· Privacy mode permits users to surf anywhere and type anything without leaving a single trace on the computer.</p>
<p>· Dangerous download detector checks every file download form the Internet to make sure it’s clean.</p>
<p>· Anti-keylogger/screengrabber discovers and blocks silent spyware programs that try to steal users’ identity by recording keys that users type and pagers that users view.</p>
<p>· Web site auditor checks credentials on every Web site to see if it is safer to enter data or download files.</p>
<p>· Spyware scanner scans users’ browsing session for dangerous spyware that may be running.</p>
<p>· Spy site blocking finds and blocks spyware distribution sites as users surf the Web.</p>
<p>· Temp file encryption encrypts the temporary files that are automatically created on users’ PCs as they type information on the Web, so they cannot be compromised by spyware on their PCs.</p>
<p>· Browser exploit immunity inoculates users’ computers from automatic downloads and other threats that occur through the numerous browser exploits that arise each year.</p>
<p>· Instant ForceField gives travelers the temporary use of ForceField on borrowed computers at kiosks, on friends’ PCs and at other public places.</p>
<p>· Security Services subscription offers access to Instant ZoneAlarm ForceField along with computer backup, real-world identity theft protection, customer support and new services that are added over time.</p>
<p>Availability and Pricing:</p>
<p>Users can download the free public beta of ZoneAlarm ForceField at The final version of the product is expected to become available in early 2008 and will be offered for $29.95USD.</p>
<p>ZoneAlarm ForceField integrates seamlessly with Internet Explorer or Firefox Web browsers. The product is also security-ready, working in conjunction with any brand of antivirus, anti-spyware, firewall and security suite product including the complete line of ZoneAlarm solutions. ZoneAlarm ForceField is PC-only compatible.</p>
<p>About Check Point Software Technologies Ltd.
Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. ( is a leader in securing the Internet. The company is a market leader in the worldwide enterprise firewall, personal firewall, data security and VPN markets. Check Point’s PURE focus is on IT security with its extensive portfolio of network security, data security and security management solutions. Through its NGX platform, Check Point delivers a unified security architecture for a broad range of security solutions to protect business communications and resources for corporate networks and applications, remote employees, branch offices and partner extranets. The company also offers market leading data security solutions through the Pointsec product line, protecting and encrypting sensitive corporate information stored on PCs and other mobile computing devices. Check Point's award-winning ZoneAlarm Internet Security Suite and additional consumer security solutions protect millions of consumer PCs from hackers, spyware and data theft. Extending the power of the Check Point solution is its Open Platform for Security (OPSEC), the industry's framework and alliance for integration and interoperability with "best-of-breed" solutions from hundreds of leading companies. Check Point solutions are sold, integrated and serviced by a network of Check Point partners around the world and its customers include 100 percent of Fortune 100 companies and tens of thousands of businesses and organisations of all sizes.</p>
<p>Across Australia and New Zealand Check Point has offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Wellington to support its network of distributors and resellers. Check Point solutions are distributed through LAN Systems and Firewall Systems in Australia and New Zealand.</p>
<p>Additional information can be obtained by visiting or by contacting Check Point on +61 2 9493 6000.</p>
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