Funding announced for world's first Web 2.0 enterprise modelling solution

AusIndustry injects $1.2 million into project

Work has begun on the development of the world's first Web 2.0 enterprise modelling solution utlilising a $1.2 million grant from the federal government.

Australian software company, Holocentric, will match the grant dollar for dollar in a $2.4 million plus software development project to create 'Modelpedia', a next generation enterprise modelling solution combining state-of-the-art modelling tools, an enterprise-wide modelling repository and a wiki-like Web 2.0 collaboration environment.

Holocentric CEO, John Forrest said organisations already model themselves from top to bottom with a wide range of standalone modelling tools.

He said each provides a piece of the organisational puzzle, but without a common enterprise repository or collaborative environment none of the pieces fit together.

Put simply, there is no way to integrate or share these models.

"With Modelpedia, Holocentric will provide an enterprise backplane, with sophisticated Web 2.0 support, to create the world's first holistic enterprise modelling platform," Forrest said.

"For the first time, people will be able to collaborate on and share models within and outside an organisation to create a holistic view of how the organisation works."

Holocentric currently develops and markets the Holocentric Modeler enterprise modelling solution.

Its multi-dimensional business modelling solutions are used by an estimated 50 enterprises around Australia, most of them federal and state government agencies.

"Unlike other business or IT modelling tools, Holocentric Modeler offers best-in-breed depth and breadth of functionality to allow enterprises to create a comprehensive model of their people, systems and processes," Forrest said.

"This enables an organisation to understand how it works and better manage organisational change."

Holocentric provides modelling solutions to support corporate governance, business performance improvement, value chain management, human performance improvement, enterprise architecture, IT systems requirement and fulfillment and software re-engineering.

The Modelpedia development project with an enterprise-wide modelling repository and a wiki-like Web 2.0 collaboration environment will make it even easier to build, store, share, publish and maintain enterprise models.

Holocentric's next generation enterprise modelling solutions are scheduled for a progressive release from early 2008, beginning with the Modelpedia enterprise repository, and followed by the Modelpedia Web 2.0 collaboration environment.

The government grant made available for the project was provided by AusIndustry, which is the Australian government's business program delivery division in the Department of Industry, Tourism and Resources.

AusIndustry delivers a range of more than 35 programs - including innovation grants, tax and duty concessions, small business skills development, industry support and venture capital - worth about $2 billion to more than 10,000 businesses, and 60,000 individuals every year.

A product summary listing all of AusIndustry's programs is available from

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