Groove's Jack Ozzie touts collaboration

At the InfoWorld Next Generation Web Services Conference here Wednesday, Groove Networks Inc. executive Jack Ozzie showed off some of the technology that will appear in future versions of Groove software and described how the company will play out the intersection of peer-to-peer computing and Web services.

For starters, Beverly, Mass.-based Groove is working to integrate Microsoft's .Net My Services and Office applications with its own platform, said Ozzie, who is vice president of development, platform, and developer services at Groove.

On the .Net My Services side, he showed an application where a doctor roaming around a hospital used a PocketPC to keep up-to-date on his patients. In combination with Groove's software, the doctor was able to set his PocketPC to access updates to the .Net Calendar from Groove's platform. In the example Ozzie used, Dr. Smith received a notice that the results of an MRI he was waiting for had arrived. Dr. Smith was then able to send a SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) request into Groove, access the MRI document, and look at a picture of the results.

In terms of integrating with Office, Ozzie said the focus Groove is taking is on document sharing, including joint markup and editing, where a group of people all looking at the same document on different PCs can make and view changes in real time.

"This is the just the beginning of the curve" of integrating with Office, Ozzie said.

Indeed, Groove is also focusing on things such as projects, meetings, and documents, outside of just Microsoft Corp. Office.

"It's the collaborative process around getting things done and integrating the tools you're used to using," Ozzie said. One of the tools Groove is working to integrate is instant messaging, he added.

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