NSW RTA kick-starts IT benchmarking

Results to be compared with those of similar organizations

The NSW Roads and Traffic Authority (RTA) is seeking to engage a benchmarking services organization to audit the effectiveness of its IT environment, with particular emphasis on the desktop infrastructure.

IT benchmarking services at the RTA is seen as part of the continuous improvement program, and the information management and technology branch requires an organization to carry out annual detailed comparative analysis of its IT environment.

The benchmark reporting must align with standard ITIL practices.

"The study is to identify opportunities where the RTA can improve its cost and service quality," according to the RTA.

A new contract is sought as the nine-year relationship with the previous benchmarking provider has been dissolved.

"As a result we have included codes in our feeder systems to comply with that vendor's methodology," according to one RTA document.

As a result, a new service provider is required to demonstrate how it will use the existing methodology or how to migrate to an alternative methodology while "protecting existing data".

This is considered essential to enable historical and future comparisons.

The scope of the benchmarking study is to measure the cost and quality of RTA's desktop services delivered by the IT branch.

It is expected to include IT support in IT customer services, and the supply, installation and support of desktop equipment as managed by outsourced vendors.

Existing desktop infrastructure consists of Intel PCs running Windows XP and Apple iMacs at RTA branches. Linux-based thin clients have also been considered.

The benchmarking service is required to provide a methodology for the collection of benchmarking data, a methodology for use of data collected from previous benchmarking studies to compare the RTA with other organizations based on industry, geography, and "best performing" categories in addition to its own previous performance.

Also needed is a method to manage the collection of benchmarking data by RTA and external personnel.

A detailed report to RTA management of the benchmarking results with recommendations on improvements will be provided by the contractor.

In other news, the RTA has recently negotiated a contract with Telstra to redesign its network to be IP-based.

The transition to a Telstra MPLS IP VPN is expected to be complete by mid-2008.

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