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Latest Census data underpins popularity of online marketing and advertising service

  • 07 November, 2007 13:31

<p>MapData Sciences Pty Limited announces the latest version of the online marketing and advertising system Tactician Online Australia which includes data on Australian roads and Census data on Internet usage and day and night time population statistics.</p>
<p>Customers in the franchise, fast moving consumer goods, finance, manufacturing and distribution sectors use the Internet based computer service to plan the location of new stores, manage sales territories and develop targeted media strategies.</p>
<p>Since its launch in Australia last year organisations like Subway, Shopsmart and Sureslim have committed to ongoing use of the service.
Shopsmart, a national customer rewards program being developed by Adelaide company Galaxy Rewards Pty Ltd, began using Tactician Online in late 2006.
General Manager David Floyd said “Tactician allows us to easily map all of Australia into 20 territories and smaller postcode or Census district sales areas for a comprehensive demographic picture of each area. As the rollout of our program proceeds we can easily perform numerous ‘what if’ scenarios.</p>
<p>“Tactician’s Power Reports are a key tool in marketing our CRM and rewards program. The combination of printed maps and comprehensive business and Census data makes it easy to present to prospective investors, operators and sales people alike.”</p>
<p>Recouping the investment in Tactician in the first month, he said the user-friendly and intuitive system will play a significant ongoing role for Shopsmart by providing site-specific business and marketing data to member merchants.</p>
<p>The annual fee for the hosted service puts Tactician Online Australia within the reach of a growing number of even small organisations.</p>
<p>MDS managing director Laurie Edwards said Australia has a census once every five years and, given factors such as internal migration, ageing, economic shifts, immigration markets and regional asset price changes, updated data is essential to good decision-making.</p>
<p>“By incorporating the latest Census data into what is a highly innovative, web-based geo-marketing system, we equip marketing and sales organisations with the most effective way to zero in on key retail markets, improve territory alignments and make the best of target media-buying,” Mr. Edwards said.</p>
<p>Those wanting to use the service simply access it via the Internet. The required software and data remain on secure servers at MapData Sciences, overcoming the need for users to license the software or acquire new or special hardware to run the application</p>
<p>In a matter of minutes, Tactician Online Australia leads the user through the development and use of quite powerful marketing and planning applications. This contrasts dramatically with the typically long learning curve and high costs associated with competitive solutions.</p>
<p>Tactician Corporation founder and managing director Tony Buxton said: “The online service is a set of strategic market planning tools which equip companies with the power and scope to manage markets more easily at a low entry level investment in dollars and, more importantly time. Our clients use these new capabilities to separate themselves from their competitors.”</p>
<p>Tactician Corporation, whose R&amp;D facility is located in Sydney, has developed a significant base of customers which have licensed the software for in-house use in the US, UK, Japan, Brazil, Canada and Australia.
About Tactician Corporation
Headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts, Tactician Corporation is a leading software and services provider of integrated sales, marketing and media solutions used for developing and executing geographically targeted resource and investment decisions. Since 1988, Tactician has demonstrated a superior track record of product innovation, delivery of desktop, online and custom products, and outstanding support of state-of-the-art, robust geographic marketing solutions. For more information about Tactician, please visit
About MapData Sciences
MapData Sciences Pty Limited is a company specialising in the provision of digital mapping services and software. With offices in Sydney, Australia and Wellington, New Zealand, MDS has a dedicated team of GIS and software professionals who build and maintain digital mapping data products and applications. Specialising in Location Based Services, Demographics, Where’s the Nearest, Routing, General GIS consulting services and data development projects, MDS has an extensive list of clients involved in the banking, travel, oil retail and automotive sectors. For more information visit</p>
<p>For further information please contact:
Mr Laurie Edwards
Managing Director
MapData Sciences
Telephone (direct) 61-2 8436 2807
Mobile 0407 161001
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