VBrick video appliance saves WAN bandwidth

Multicast device can streamline site-to-site video transmissions

VBrick is introducing an appliance that can help businesses drastically reduce use of WAN bandwidth for company video presentations.

Called VBrick Reflector, the device draws unicast video content from a VBrick Appliance and converts it to multicast video that can reach a wider audience. It does this by broadcasting the video to desktops within a LAN.

The device could enable branch-office workers to view on their desktops a corporate speech from headquarters. It would use a single video stream from headquarters to the branch, relying on VBrick Appliances at both ends of the connection.

Once the stream reached the branch, the Reflector would reformat it to broadcast the video to local desktops that are running VBrick's StreamPlay client software or to other VBrick Appliances.

The alternative would be for each individual to establish a separate session across the WAN with the server at headquarters that is streaming the speech, but that would use a lot of bandwidth. With Reflector, one connection's worth of bandwidth would serve an entire branch.

Other VBrick appliances support reflecting video streams in addition to other functions such as encoding, recording and pushing video. Converting from unicast to multicast is Reflector's only function.

Reflector will be available in September; pricing has not been set.

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