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I just finished a post grad. certificate in Wireless communications and also, hold a CCNA certificate. Based on the current job market, what do you suggest my career path should be? Should I go further for CCNP or would a certification in wireless be a better choice?

Congratulations on your achievement so far. You have definitely accomplished several things that on their own will help you get your foot in the door at just about any company. It is good to be looking at other options that will help your career. With technology being where it is at the point in terms of complexity, keeping your eyes out for other options is always a good thing to do.

I would look in the local paper and job boards such as CareerOne and Seek as a starting point as to what certifications are in demand.

Getting a CCNP isn't a bad thing to do. There are other certifications at the professional level at Cisco that might serve you just as well or better depending on the job requirements for openings that interest you, and/or for where you'd like to go in your career.

Having too many certifications could cause you to be considered "overqualified" in the minds of some recruiters or HR folks. However, it's not always true that this would make you "too qualified," instead it may just be recognized that you simply enjoy the challenge of gaining additional certifications and the experience that comes along the way.

If you aren't sure where you would like to work, consider volunteering your time with various nonprofit agencies. They always have the need for some type of IT work to be done, you get experience/exposure to different possibilities, and the nonprofit gets some help that they might otherwise have to do without. It is a win-win for everyone as far as I'm concerned.

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