InfoExpress increases OS support for Dynamic NAC

Linux, Windows Vista and Mac OS X are now part of the mix

InfoExpress has introduced support for more operating systems with its Dynamic NAC (DNAC) software.

In addition to older Windows operating systems, DNAC supports Windows Vista as well as Mac OS X and Linux.

This gives customers more flexibility than they had before if they choose to deploy DNAC. They can exert access control over more machines and use more machines as part of DNAC enforcement.

DNAC differs from most other NAC systems in that it relies solely on software and uses existing machines within networks to support DNAC policy enforcement.

Each end device that is authorized to log in to the network is given a DNAC client that scans the machine to determine whether it meets security policies. These include having a patched operating system, current virus-signature libraries and an operating personal firewall.

The DNAC client scans the machine, reports the results to a DNAC Policy Server and gives the machine access if it comes up clean. If not, access is blocked by an Enforcer, which is software installed on a trusted machine on the same network segment as the machine that is trying to gain access. It can be a server or PC that is also running other applications.

DNAC also includes Policy Manger, an application used to develop access policies, and Reporting Server, which gathers data from Policy Server and generates reports on NAC compliance and actions DNAC has taken.

The scheme may be attractive to customers that don't want to alter their network infrastructure when they add NAC.

DNAC costs US$40 per seat.

For a recent review of DNAC, click here.

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