Systinet, Actional hail Web services tools

Systinet and Actional are boosting their respective Web services wares, and both vendors are adopting an increased focus on SOAs (service-oriented architectures) and management.

Systinet on Monday shipped Systinet Gateway 1.0, Systinet UDDI Registry 5.0, Systinet Server for Java 5.0, and Systinet Server for C++ 5.0. This set of products provides building blocks for implementing SOAs for mission-critical business applications, Systinet said. In addition to providing upgraded functionality, the new server and UDDI products represent a renaming of the company's WASP (Web Applications and Services Platform) offerings. The company is abandoning the WASP name because it did not want WASP to become its overarching brand name, according to Wendell Lansford, Systinet COO.

Systinet said SOAs are designed to meet needs of rapidly changing business environments through acceleration of development, deployment, and interoperability of applications. These applications include examples such as provisioning new supplier or financial applications.

"We're seeing our customers move from simple, point-to-point Web services applications to much larger numbers of Web services deployments," Lansford said.

Gateway 1.0 bridges proprietary MOM (message-oriented middleware) products, such as Tibco Rendezvous, SonicMQ, and IBM WebSphere MQ, to Web services environments.

"Gateway is a new product that essentially wraps and reuses existing MOM technology like IBM, Tibco, (and) MQseries to make it possible to extend that middleware to Web services endpoints," said Lansford. By linking Web services to legacy environments, customers derive benefits such as extending the reach of middleware to partners outside the company, including suppliers or customers.

UDDI Registry 5.0 enables publishing and discovery of Web services. The product supports the OASIS V3 specification for UDDI, which features advanced search, authentication, business policy management, and automatic notifications of changes to Web services.

Server for Java 5.0 is a server for building Web services. It supports the WS-ReliableMessaging standard for, as the name suggests, reliable Web services messaging. The combination of Server for Java 5.0 and Gateway 1.0 provide for end-to-end reliability between Web services and applications connected to a message-oriented middleware system.

Server for C++ 5.0 acts as a Web services server for C and C++ applications and features compliance to the WS-Security specification.

Gateway 1.0 pricing begins at US$25,000 per CPU. UDDI Registry 5.0 begins at US$10,000 per CPU. The two Server products start in price at $2,000 per CPU.

Systinet also is announcing the appointment of Thomas Erickson as CEO. Erickson, who was executive vice president of international operations at webMethods, replaces Systinet founder Roman Stanek, who assumes the role of chief strategy officer.

At Actional, the company is introducing a free developer version of its SOAPstation Web services broker. SOAPstation Developer Version provides development capabilities for project-level Web services management, including the ability to manage service life cycles, define and monitor service-level agreements, and enforce security policies.

"The developer version is really the license to develop and test for the product," said Dan Foody, CTO at Actional. "When you want to go into production, you actually need to buy the software." The SOAPstation Web services management broker starts in price at $4,995 per CPU.

The developer offering is intended to meet demand for a project-level tool, the company said. Tools available within SOAPstation Developer Version are upwardly compatible with the company's SOA management suite.

SOAPstation Developer Version is downloadable at

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