Trojan horse payload strikes recruiter

Lax antispam cultivates malware plague

Employment and consulting agency Australian Recruiting has found refuge with a new anti-spam gateway and firewall solution after its IT network suffered a denial of service (DoS) attack, Trojan horse infections, and plagues of malware.

The company's business policy requires all in-bound mail attachments to be opened, except executables; however, the treacherous environment developed because it did not have any antispam infrastructure and its Linux-based IPCop firewall was under-performing.

Australian Recruitment network administrator Paul Gardiner said the network was infected with two Trojans, and suffered one DoS attack and had a temporary Internet access outage when its firewall collapsed.

"We had a problem when IPCop stopped working when I was on leave so no one could access the net," Gardiner said.

"I inherited an [IT] environment that didn't have any antispam but we had antivirus on each computer and the exchange," Gardiner said.

Gardiner said the majority of attacks used image-based spam, and about half of all e-mails were spam.

Gardiner installed Trend Micro's InterScan Gateway Security appliance in mid-December last year to complement its existing Trend Micro OfficeScan, however it had initial problems with false positives

"We have had problems of false positives of late with e-mails from [recruitment firm], but I recommended Trend Micro install quarantine forwarding, and we can now authorize domain names," he said.

The solution initially detected 326 attachments on the company's network as viruses or Trojans, and has identified about 45 percent of the total e-mails as spam.

Gardiner said the solution has replaced its old firewall and has been upgraded to allow management through a Web interface rather than the operating system.

Australian Recruiting was founded in 2004 in Brisbane and has more than 51 internal employees and 20 external staff.

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