Metro Group begins largest RFID rollout in Europe

Raw tag data processed

Retail giant, the Metro Group is deploying RFID in the largest production scale rollout in Europe.

The initial rollout will cover about 200 locations of the sales brands Metro Cash & Carry, Real stores, and Metro Group distribution centres.

The rollout entails installing the technology at each location. Using Reva's Tag Acquisition Processor (TAP) products, the rollout entails installing the technology at each location.

The Metro Group has one of the most sophisticated RFID research and testing organizations in the world. Their process for evaluating innovative technologies is thorough, their requirements for standards-based performance are exacting, and their criteria are stringent for moving from RFID pilots to production.

Reva's TAP products will be used to manage the distributed network of RFID installations, to produce accurate data from each site, and to provide rapid operator feedback.

For the initial phase of the rollout, Metro Group is primarily using RFID to enhance its distribution and store receiving processes by using accurately located tag data for more efficient operations, better customer service and improved inventory management.

Metro's IT managing director, Gerd Wolfram, said by using this technology the company is moving RFID out of the innovation labs and into working retail stores.

"The efficiency, manageability and performance improvement we've demonstrated with Reva's technology as part of our RFID architecture allows us to realize our plan for utilizing RFID technology to optimize the supply chain," he said.

Reva's products were selected because Metro was looking for standards-based RFID network infrastructure layer required for deployments.

"Many RFID pilots have lacked the infrastructure necessary to successfully transition from pilot to production. For Metro, critical requirements include the Reva TAP capability to control all RFID readers, to processing raw tag data into accurate information, and to determine real tag locations in difficult environments," he said.

"The elimination of duplicate tag observations and the refinement of tag relevance are also critical.

"At Metro Group, this is necessary in operations areas such as loading docks in order to rapidly provide operators with feedback validating goods shipped and received."

Reva Systems CEO, Tom Schuster, said Metro's decision to rollout RFID validates that standrds-based capabilities will reduce RFID operational and infrastructure costs while increasing service levels.

"This allows them to move forward with broad RFID implementations and to lay the foundation for future use cases," he added.

The Metro Group has a headcount of 270,000 employees and operates about 2,400 outlets in 30 countries.

Founded in 2004, Reva Systems develops RFID network infrastructure products.

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