Local council turns to Web-based compliance platform

To go live in second half of 2007

Australian developer of Web-based compliance systems, PolicyPoint, has won a three year contract with Fairfield City Council to ensure staff complete online training or policy education programs.

Under the agreement the council will use PolicyPoint's online policy education compliance platform.

The council incorporates 27 suburbs and is home to nearly 200,000 people and a strong business sector.

The local government authority's manager, Alan Young, said the system will help alleviate the stress of limited resources.

"We need to be able to quickly disseminate policy and compliance education material to staff, and know that the material has been received and understood," Young said.

Council's previous options were to provide face-to-face training, or send information via e-mail.

"But we had no assurance that material had been reviewed and there was no independent measure that it was understood," Young said.

"For instance, we need to know that employees have a sound understanding of our occupational health and management system."

PolicyPoint's automated service ensures staff receive the information they need to know, and maintains contact with each staff member (via regular reminders) until the training has been completed.

Managers are automatically informed of any 'exceptions' (that is, staff who fail to complete the training or are struggling with key principles).

The service can be tailored by managers with little or no involvement from IT departments. For example, the council can build a personalised policy library for each employee to fulfill compliance obligations.

PolicyPoint director, Andrew Stein, the contract proves more organisations are using simple Web-based systems to remove the frustration, cost and complexity of policy management.

Fairfield City Council is currently developing new policy modules and consulting with stakeholders about the policy education process. They will go live with the PolicyPoint service in the second half of 2007.

This is the second government win by PolicyPoint which won a contract with the NSW Premier's Office last year.

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