FrontBridge boosts e-mail disaster recovery feature

E-mail hosting company FrontBridge Technologies this week updated its disaster recovery service that lets customers continue to send, receive and access e-mail even when their corporate mail servers are down.

A new feature called Active Disaster Recovery gives customers a Web interface for accessing up to 30 days of stored e-mail at a FrontBridge data center when their own e-mail servers are off-line, says Dan Nadir, vice president of product management with FrontBridge. With this feature, users can also send and receive e-mail from the Web interface.

Active Disaster Recovery is one component of the company's outsourced service, Total Message Management. The service routes an organization's e-mail through a FrontBridge data center before it hits the corporate network and provides spam and virus filtering, archiving, desktop encryption, policy enforcement and disaster recovery.

FrontBridge already offers disaster recovery services; the new feature goes beyond simply receiving e-mail for a company when their servers are down to letting employees continue to be productive as well, Nadir says.

One customer says this service lets him do scheduled maintenance on mail servers without worrying about downtime. "I can take Exchange off line and know my mail is still being received," says Nathan Wright, manager of network operations at Sentinel Benefits, which provides administrative services for corporate benefit plans.

Active Disaster Recovery gives customers access to external as well as internal e-mail. Thirty days worth of messages are automatically copied at a FrontBridge data center, Nadir explains, while internal mail that never leaves the company's network is automatically copied to a FrontBridge center in batch mode.

Pricing for the new service depends on the number of users at a company. For FrontBridge's Email Continuity Service, which includes Active Disaster Recovery, a company with 150 to 500 users would pay US$3 per user per month, according to officials.

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