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Australian Manufacturers Meet The Next Frontier in Office Performance Management

  • 28 May, 2004 09:41

<p>Adelaide, Australia 28 May 2004 – IT business solutions firm, Camms, has invested in an IBM e-Server to support its new business venture – Camms Profit Impact - helping manufacturers improve performance and profitability throughout their supply chain by combining knowledge of the factory operation with internet-enabled technology.</p>
<p>According to US-based manufacturing industry analyst group ARC, performance management technology is the next frontier in operational excellence.</p>
<p>Group Marketing Manager, Andrew Reilly, said the technology allows Camms clients to identify the financial impact of performance improvement opportunities by accessing real time information about their manufacturing processes so that they can react quickly to correct problems before they become issues.</p>
<p>“This is achieved through an understanding of the real-time sequence of events on the factory floor and subsequent supply chain impacts,” said Mr Reilly. “For example, a Camms wine industry client takes its wines through a series of conversion processes that use energy and have environmental outputs. The performance of these processes impacts on the quality of the wine as well as the efficiency of asset usage.”</p>
<p>Internet-enabled technology tracks and collects real-time performance data using high powered IBM SAN servers that drive sophisticated software programs. These data can determine the accuracy of both automated and human operated equipment and identify production process issues or staff training needs.</p>
<p>Before Camms developed the operational intelligence technology manufacturers relied on manual recording and analysis of data through spreadsheets and the production manager’s instinct about what was wrong.</p>
<p>“This solution lacked the speed and coordination of a relational database that reads instruments and relates, concurrently, to other elements of the process such as production cost data,” said Mr Reilly.</p>
<p>The Camms e-Server IT solution was developed by IT services and solutions partner, Volante Systems, which won the contract on the strength of its track record in the design and implementation of IBM FAStT storage area networks, and its experience in integrating this technology into existing IT infrastructure.</p>
<p>Volante Systems Business Development Manager, Mike De Broughe, said the capacity of TotalStorage FAStT 900 Storage Area Network server and three IBM e-servers x345 to cope with high volumes of data was important to the Camms solution which needed to make the analysed data immediately accessible to the client via a complex querying software tool.</p>
<p>Camms Adelaide data warehouse collects, stores, manages and publishes (to manufacturing clients) via the internet in excess of 26 million data records from client production sites every week.</p>
<p>While data-hosting management is still a new concept to Australian manufacturers, there is a growing international trend for real-time business operational intelligence solutions that deliver a measurable return on investment for manufacturers.</p>
<p>About Camms</p>
<p>Camms is one of only a few Australian companies that combine an understanding of the factory floor with software solutions. Its industry experience extends across food, beverage, packaging, utilities (water, electricity, gas), oil, mining and minerals processing and automotive industries.</p>
<p>The company began operation in 1987 and commercialised its manufacturing operational intelligence solution in 2002. Its two divisions, Process Control and Profit Impact, work hand in hand to deliver technology that links to factory floor equipment and returns information about how the plant is performing via the internet.</p>
<p>Profit Impact’s performance metric scorecards and diagnostic tools are combined with tailored change management methodologies. This progressive approach is a complete solution that addresses both the human and systems needs that drive optimal efficiency and profit performance in industrial operations.</p>
<p>Camms has a workforce of 120 employees comprised of project managers, control system designers, process control engineers and software programmers and were recognised with Microsoft’s Business Intelligence Solution of the Year for Asia/South Pacific in 2003.</p>
<p>About IBM</p>
<p>IBM is the world's leading information technology company, with over 90 years of leadership in helping businesses innovate. IBM helps customers, Business Partners and developers in a wide range of industries that leverage the power of the Internet for e-business. For more information about IBM, visit</p>
<p>About Volante</p>
<p>Today’s IT infrastructures need to be robust enough to cope with the demands of 24x7 availability and high usage business applications, yet be flexible enough to accommodate swiftly the latest technology and business developments. Looking after these IT infrastructures requires more than hired expertise; it needs a long-term understanding of how IT can really benefit the business and a practical, specific, customer-focused approach based on real experience in implementing, supporting and managing technology for some of Australia’s best organisations. At Volante Systems, an Australian owned IT infrastructure services company, technical and logistical expertise, business know-how and the desire to exceed all customer expectations, goes hand-in-hand. More information about Volante Systems is available at:</p>
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