In-house IT pays off

Securing an in-house IT role in a large organization really does pay off, according to the 2003/2004 Global IT salary survey by Mercer Human Resources Consulting which shows Australian IT managers earn more than many of their overseas counterparts.

In fact, entry-level IT professionals in Australia can earn in excess of 20 percent above the average global market rate confirming organizations do pay higher wages to attract talent. However, the salary gap closes as individuals progress through their career.

Mercer principal Rob Knox said Australian salaries are still in the top 10, ranked eight above Ireland for team leaders, supervisors are ranked nine above Hong Kong and IT managers come in at number 10 at $107,600 per annum. He said Switzerland tops the tables across four categories followed by Germany, the US and Japan.

The report includes pay data for more than 43,000 internal IT pros in nearly 3300 companies in 32 countries worldwide. Lowest paying countries include China, Indonesia and the Philippines.

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