Onaro rolls out application-aware storage management

Storage software unveiled to enable storage linkability

Onaro on Monday unveiled storage software that lets IT departments link their storage resources with application requirements.

SANscreen Application Insight 2.0 monitors and reports on storage utilization data and application performance to provide a picture of storage resource use and efficiency. It lets storage administrators load balance applications across the storage infrastructure and analyse storage tier assignments.

Users' storage-area networks have been growing in capacity exponentially over the past few years. IT managers trying to make their applications run more efficiently will often over-provision storage capacity for them. With Application Insight, IT can monitor performance over time to determine where bottlenecks exist. IT can then analyse what triggers bottlenecks and eliminate them.

Application Insight lets IT managers determine if their tiered storage environments are performing as expected. It provides historical performance and throughput information. The software also collects Fibre Channel port performance information so IT can make decisions on how to increase the utilization of the storage resources assigned to the port.

The software also collects host specific information such as port throughput, errors and traffic balance ratios between paths.

SANscreen Application Insight competes with Akorri's BalancePoint, which also has application to storage linkability, and with Symantec's Veritas Server Foundation.

SANscreen Application Insight starts at $US70 per Fibre Channel port.

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