SourceLabs manages open source projects

New open source software helps companies to keep on top of compliance, policy and licenses

SourceLabs on Wednesday made available software that the company says will help enterprises keep open source software deployments in line with policy, compliance and license requirements.

Open source software grew in popularity from disparate deployments within large companies, SourceLabs says, and its Open Source Management System (OSMS) can help IT managers maintain an up-to-date inventory of open source code in-house -- and help keep future rollouts and usage in line with company policies. SourceLabs, which has garnered US$10 million in venture funding, says its business model is to make open source a more viable option for larger enterprise companies with systems and support packages. OSMS is an extension of that in that companies can monitor their own open source usage and ensure it complies with regulatory, license and other requirements.

"There is often a disconnect between the people in the trenches downloading open source to address issues and the people that make sure risks are taken care of and systems are in compliance," says Byron Sebastian, CEO of SourceLabs. "This platform is designed to manage and centralize open source usage without stifling it."

The software, which can be installed on a server in customer networks or hosted by SourceLabs, provides a centralized library of open source distribution and proven risk-free downloads. It can also provide alerts and updates to various staff when changes to the library or policies occur, the company says.

OSMS is built upon a wiki engine, based on SourceLabs' community project , that lets users create dashboards of information relevant to open source applications and their dependencies. The technology can be used for collaboration, self-help, documentation and to foster development and internal communities. IT teams using open source can subscribe to alerts about patches or upgrades to their open source code and be certain they are using approved software builds or releases, Sebastian says.

Library management tools enable an organization to manage its free open source software assets and updates. For instance, the software includes a workflow that lays out the process around requesting an open source download and verifying it against corporate policies. OSMS also provides proactive diagnostics tools that help IT managers track non-compliance with corporate policies and standards, the company says.

"OSMS is designed to give companies a place to keep their approved open source packages, rather than having staff go out and download what they need. This way they can reduce risk and ensure security, compliance and license needs are covered," Sebastian says. "This way you can get the benefits of open source and be able to enforce corporate policies through distributions you trust."

OSMS is priced based on the number of users and the number of open source applications.

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