South-East Asia Seems to Sail Through Rollover

SINGAPORE (01/01/2000) - All major countries in Southeast Asia passed the Year 2000 rollover without problems, according to government Web sites set up to monitor critical industries.

The safe transition, in a region which contains several less-developed economies, underlines the growing impression that Year 2000 remedial work worldwide has generally been adequate.

Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Brunei and Vietnam all posted notices on their national Year 2000 sites saying that no problems had been encountered.

But most said they would continue to monitor the situation over the next few days. The International Y2K Cooperation Center's Web site showed no problems reported from the Philippines.

In an early morning broadcast, Thailand's Deputy Prime Minister Trairong Suwankhir said the national Year 2000 center received 962 calls from the public in the first hour after midnight. Only 20 percent of the calls were incident reports, and none of them proved to be Year 2000-related, usually being due to scheduled temporary shutdown of services during the crossover, the government reported.

Indonesia, thought to be one of the region's most Year 2000-vulnerable countries, reported normal operation of key industry sectors such as power, telecommunications and banking.

No update information has been sent out by Southeast Asia's least-developed trio of economies -- Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar.

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