CSIRO commercialises its revolutionary antenna technology

One dish per satellite no longer required

The CSIRO has successfully commercialised its MultiBeam Antenna technology which is based on a revolutionary design that provides access to a large number of geostationary satellites with a single reflector antenna instead of requiring one dish per satellite.

The CSIRO's chief scientist at the ICT Centre and leader of the team that developed the MultiBeam Antenna, Dr Trevor Bird, said the deal has been signed with Patriot Antenna Systems in the US and the technology has been proven at two earth station sites in Europe.

"Our antenna design is already providing tens of millions of consumers with access to around two thousand TV and radio channels. It is also the first antenna of its type to provide two-way communications to commercial satellite operators," Bird said.

Developed by researchers at the ICT Centre's wireless technologies laboratory in Sydney, the MultiBeam uses two reflectors and multiple, relocatable feed horns (detectors).

"The MultiBeam reduces the cost of deployment because a single earth station antenna can replace as many as 20 separate antennas," he said.

"The solution has proven to be economically successful for delivering low-cost, two-way access to satellite communications, while reducing capital works and space requirements."

Patriot Antenna Systems president, Jeff Mathie, said the MultiBeam technology will allow Patriot to expand its current product range.

"As we refine the product for scaled up production, we expect that further international markets will become viable," Mathie said.

There is already international interest as a result of the licensing of this technology so that further deployments in the US, India and Asia are expected to reach agreement within the next 12 months.

Established in 1926, the CSIRO is Australia's largest research and development organisation with 6,500 staff.

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