Mambo CMS waltzes in new leader

Cathedral management for bizarre software

The Mambo Foundation, the non-profit company behind the open source Mambo content system, has appointed a new leader in an apparent shift from community-style decision making to a more traditional business hierarchy.

Mambo developer and user Chad Auld has been appointed as the new Mambo project leader.

In an admission the existing management style was not advancing the Mambo project as anticipated, The Mambo Foundation announced a new direction was needed.

"For the past year, Team Mambo has experimented with a consensus-based decision process," the foundation said in a statement. "While that structure is certainly the most egalitarian, it has also led to extended discussion and decision cycles, and has proved to be less efficient than initially hoped."

In an effort to "strengthen coordination" of project resources and improve efficiencies in the development process, a decision was made to shift global project management into "more of a centralized structure".

The Mambo project leader role will supervise the various team resources and will have final say in development policy, including the final say on what goes in the code.

Auld said he is "extremely proud" to be able to serve as the project leader for Mambo and will do his best to make this new role a "respected" one.

Auld has been with the project for 18 months and has served as the leader of the Mambo core development team for the past 12 months.

"I have been with the foundation since just after its initial creation and I can tell you the Mambo team is a strong one," he said. "The team has accomplished a great deal of work in the last year or so, but there is plenty more to be done. I intend to drive us forward along the lines of the published road map, and consider improvements in accessibility and interoperability to be priorities."

Auld works as Web content and database developer for a "large US firm" running a Mambo-based intranet for a 600-seat call centre and is now working on building an operational data store complete with a business intelligence reporting system.

"Mambo for me is more than a hobby and less than a job," he said. "I wish I had even more time for the project. It brings me great pleasure to work with such talented people from all over the world. These people work together closely, sharing their experiences and talents to help make Mambo the best CMS on the planet."

The Mambo CMS project is online at

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