CA updates WSDM

Computer Associates International cranked up its Web services effort, edged into the hosted-software fray, and released a new tool for managing wireless networks at its CAWorld conference.

Last week marked the release of the latest iteration of WSDM (Web Services Distributed Management), Version 3.1. The update adds a development kit for easing integration with third-party software and support for additional protocols such as CORBA and EDI.

Cape Clear, meanwhile, said it will integrate its Business Integration Suite with WSDM to provide a richer environment for managing a services-oriented enterprise.

WSDM customer Sam Higgins, applications architect at Queensland Transport, a state regulatory, said the software helps his organization keep tabs on its network of Web-based applications and services. Queensland Transport has placed about 50 services online from scheduling driving tests to paying vehicle registration fees.

"Implementing the SOA (service-oriented architecture) wasn't hard. Managing it is hard," Higgins said.

CA made the latest version of its WSDM software available as a managed service.

"Customers want flexibility in how they deploy our products," said CA's CTO Yogesh Gupta.

CA also introduced Wireless Site Management, now in beta. The software distributes encryption keys, allowing administrators to rotate keys without requiring users to manually change settings.

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