Carbon emission tracker launched to optimize operations

Green supply chain

Software and services provider, Supply Chain Consulting, today launched CarbonView, a solution that enables organisations to capture, analyse and optimise carbon emission data across their operations.

CarbonView allows organisations to view and optimise their complete supply chain by looking at it from a financial and carbon perspective in a bid to identify savings.

The company's regional vice president, Peter Klein, began developing CarbonView eight months ago, after becoming increasingly concerned at the lack of business tools available to help businesses become more carbon-friendly.

"We have been working with a number of key carbon database suppliers globally to provide comprehensive greenhouse gas emission data that organisations will require for effective analysis of the environmental consequences of their operations," he said.

Using this data, and data that companies have collected internally, businesses can run different supply chain scenarios, comparing economic and environmental changes to determine which scenario is environmentally sound while being financially viable.

In addition, CarbonView allows ongoing carbon emission monitoring, with alerts set to be triggered once operations cause emissions to reach pre-determined levels.

Supply Chain Consulting CEO, Tony Carr, has little doubt that scrutiny on corporate environmental stewardship is set to increase.

He said active monitoring and reduction will become critical to maintaining business practices that don't fall foul of environmental regulations.

"By analysing supply chains at all levels organisations can reduce carbon footprints at various stages of product design, manufacture, distribution and sale," Carr said.

"The result is a double bottom line benefit of financial control and environmental improvements."

Carr said CarbonView does not require the replacement of existing systems.

"It is a layer that sits above all organisations in a supply chain, giving them a common carbon visibility platform," he said.

Going green doesn't have to be an exercise in tree hugging it can have a positive effect on the bottom line, according to the May 2007 edition of CIO Magazine, sister publication of Computerworld.

The magazine featues an article entitled "Clean, Green Machines" which identifies ways to save money in the data centre, shows how IT decisions affect the environment and introduces strategies to reduce power consumption.

Online the magazine has dedicated an entire section of its site to the Green CIO, for more information go to

Only last month the Business Council of Australia (BCA) called on the federal government to set targets to cut greenhouse gas emissions.

The BCA has backed a carbon emissions trading scheme with targets that will put a price on greenhouse gas pollution.

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