Linux Foundation pushes OS to common ground

HP's open source vice president speaks about the newly formed Linux Foundation

Where does the group want to see the Linux market in the future?

What I'd really like to see over the next few years is really great progress on adopting the LSB...and on things like carrier-grade Linux standards. Not just standards on paper, but standards that are tested and certified so they're useful for users. And I'd like to see real improvements in the availability of device drivers so customers really notice it's not the problem that it was before.

Is getting Linux widely adopted on corporate desktops still a goal?

I'm seeing the interest in Linux on the desktop grow a bit from a worldwide perspective. It's been something that has been pretty interesting in [Europe, the Middle East and Asia] and some other regions -- certainly in developing countries. You didn't hear much about it in North America, but over the last six months or so, I'm personally hearing a lot more interest in Linux on the desktop. It's definitely a focus for the foundation. I think it's an area that is kind of a "watch this space" for the next couple [of] years.

What are you most passionate about when it comes to Linux and open-source software?

The choice and opportunity that Linux and open-source software give to our customers. It gives them a very valid industry standard operating system choice. And now as open source is moving up the [corporate] stack more, with choices and alternatives in the middleware space, that can give customers not just the [total cost of ownership] benefits, but a number of other benefits -- like the ability to drive the direction of a product you're using, which you can't do with proprietary software. That's total freedom for a customer.

What do you think it will it take for the Linux Foundation to succeed?

As the LSB gets more and more widely accepted, as we get closer to the vision of one Linux from a vendor perspective, that is critical. I'd like to see the foundation really [be] recognized as the voice of Linux from a worldwide perspective. If we can accomplish that, that would be a real win.

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