RFID warehouse opened for testing

Facility to bolster local RFID adoption

Systems integrator LogicaCMG has opened its radio frequency identification (RFID) Innovation Warehouse in Sydney last week to allow businesses to simulate and evaluate RFID projects.

The warehouse, located in the suburb of Lane Cove, was adapted from a similar complex in The Netherlands and will simulate warehouse and transport scenarios using forklift, handheld and fixed-mount readers to demonstrate the suitability of RFID.

Current scenarios include automated generation of receipts within consignments, label production of cartons and consignments, location tracking and validation with third-party suppliers, and handheld asset tag administration and identification.

LogicaCMG Australia CEO Colin Holgate said the warehouse will boost RFID adoption in Australia by allowing business to experiment with the technology.

"The Innovation Warehouse will provide a facility to progress the adoption of RFID technology in Australia," Holgate said.

"It will help organizations to experiment and subsequently get their RFID project right from the start, and will help them achieve fast and reliable returns on RFID investments."

Maria Palazzolo, CEO of LogicaCMG partner GS1 Australia, said the RFID workshops and feasibility studies will improve education and support local industry.

"The launch of the RFID warehouse coincides with a great need for more industry education about RFID adoption and how it will enable Australian businesses to remain competitive in global markets," Palazzolo said.

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