Gentoo Foundation achieves official nonprofit status

"We're glad to see all the hard work that has been put into this process giving some positive results and would like to thank Daniel Robbins and all of the trustees for their hard work," said the official announcement -- published on Gentoo's Web site Monday.

Daniel Robbins is the former Chief Architect of the Gentoo distro, who resigned back in April to pave the way for this new structure.

The announcement tells how the paperwork for the Gentoo Foundation was approved by the State of New Mexico, making it an official not-for-profit corporation in the U.S.

Gentoo Foundation aims to be a legal entity which can own trademarks and protect intellectual property. Its Web site reads: "Gentoo is a dynamic and popular distribution and we must make sure that no one misuses the Gentoo trademark or copyrighted material."

"The process of becoming a federally-recognized not-for-profit entity," the announcement continues, "which will take about six months for approval, can now begin."

It is not yet clear whether Gentoo will pursue 501(c)(3) status -- the category for charitable organizations -- or 501(c)(6) status -- i.e., a trade organization.

Belgian developer Sven Vermeulen has been tasked with drafting a charter for the newly approved Gentoo Foundation, and the assets of Gentoo Technologies, Inc. such as the domain, are to be transferred immediately to the new Foundation.

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