CA's Wily manages Microsoft .Net applications

CA this week made available management software designed specifically for Microsoft .Net-based applications and capable of detecting transaction-level problems in real time before application performance degrades for end users.

CA's Wily Introscope for Microsoft .Net, software acquired with Wily Technology earlier this year, offers customers a means to monitor .Net-based application and their components in real time on production networks, the company says.

Introscope includes server software and distributed agents. Wily also offers a centralized console called the Enterprise Manager, which sits on a dedicated server and has a Web-based interface for analyzing data and viewing reports. The data it collects enables the software to identify transaction paths, isolate performance bottlenecks and alerts staff automatically to any issues with .Net applications.

Specifically, the software can identify problems within Microsoft's Common Language Runtime (CLR) environment and provide visibility into components such as Enterprise Services, Directory Services, .Net Messaging and .Net Remoting, among other things. Also among the features in the software are customizable alerts, auto-generated dependency mapping (which can show the relationships among components) and service-level agreement (SLA) and capacity planning.

Wily Introscope, known for its specialized Java 2, Enterprise Edition application monitoring capabilities, can now provide the same type of management features required for J2EE applications to .Net environments, industry watchers say.

"Existing CA Wily customers can leverage not only the product but the organization and processes they put in place to manage Java apps to now manage .Net apps," says Jasmine Noel, a founder and principal analyst with research firm Ptak, Noel & Associates. She explains that existing customer would find this important because companies that previously had to get Java applications "under control" won't have to re-invent the wheel when they start to manage .Net applications. Traditional application management tools tended to rely on a managing the dedicated server on which the application sat, but with today's Web services and services-oriented architecture (SOA) initiative in place at enterprise companies, new management tools are needed. Wily has experiencing managing the many moving parts of multi-tiered application environments.

"Java apps rely in interacting tiers of different infrastructure and the environments let developers crank out new components at lightning speed. These enterprise customers already using Wily to manage Java don't have to go through all that effort again for .Net," she says.

For customers new to CA and Wily, Noel says Microsoft .Net users could benefit from Wily's experience managing next-generation applications, but that CA will face competition from Microsoft and others.

"Microsoft shops ... can leverage the experiences that the Java folks had to learn by trial and error, so Microsoft shops will have a shorter learning curve," she says. "That being said, CA Wily will face stiffer competition here from .Net-only products and ultimately Microsoft itself."

CA's Wily Introscope for Microsoft .Net is generally available now. Pricing starts at US$6,250 per CPU per managed application.

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