As part of its push into the SMB market, SAP cited a 'mom and pop' operation in Mexico as an example of a small business successfully using its software and very distinct from their traditional enterprise customer base. The business is so small they used the kitchen as their accounting office and SAP was so impressed by their nifty home-based implementation they presented the couple with an award.

However, when SAP travelled to the winner's home the award recipients were too ashamed to admit they didn't have any staff. The solution? They dressed up their four-year-old son in a suit and promptly presented him as one of their employees. Luckily the suits on hand didn't fit the donkeys and chickens or they too could have been dressed up as prospective employees! But GBU has to admit this operation certainly is innovative! Also at the Sapphire conference last week, Department of Defence CFO Lloyd Bennett said it isn't easy working with the agency's diverse mix of managers, which he described as 'warriors, scientists, bureaucrats and spooks'. Yet another interesting workplace.


For days, user keeps getting a warning beep when he reboots his PC. So he goes into the BIOS and turns off the alarm, which is for the CPU temperature.

"But how could the temperature be wrong?" says IT support.

"A few days later, the system was dead. The very hot processor was due to the fact that the processor fan was toast-that's why the warning was issued. And during the attempt to fix the PC, the user's hard disk was erased." Oops! But at least that damn system warning was gone!


Seven former top executives at Symbol Technologies in the US are being arraigned on federal charges of 'massive corporate fraud.' An indictment was unsealed last week charging the former CEO, CFO, and several former vice presidents with a variety of fraudulent practices that inflated the WLAN vendor's earnings from 1999 to 2002 by more than US$200 million. An eighth defendant, the former general counsel, is charged with orchestrating a scheme to fraudulently exploit the company's stock option plan to enrich the executives and illegally minimize their tax obligation at the company's expense.

Five other former executives had previously pled guilty to conspiracy charges arising out of the same investigation.

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