Bendigo Bank WAN costs spiral to support 30 new branches a year

More visibility required for VoIP rollout

Adding 30 branches a year along with the myriad of new applications that constantly changed the type of traffic on its network, Bendigo Bank made the decision to review Wide Area Network (WAN) costs.

Bendigo Bank's IT infrastructure program manager, Malcolm Loftus, said as the organization continued to grow the type of traffic on the network changed dramatically.

"We had to prioritize traffic and prevent new applications from flooding the network," Loftus said.

As a result the Victorian-based financial services firm deployed NetQoS ReporterAnalyzer for network traffic analysis.

As one of Australia's fastest growing banks, Loftus said the IT team has the challenging task of integrating new branches, many of which are in remote communities with expensive, low-bandwidth network connections.

He said it was a challenge to keep costs competitive.

"This is a priority as the Bendigo works to maximize profits for the local communities that are partners in many branches," Loftus said.

The Bendigo Bank is well known for taking a socially responsible approach to community banking.

For example, it acts as a franchise allowing the community the rights to operate the branch. This allows the local community to have control over capital and ensure more money stays in the district for local investment.

Loftus said the Bendigo frequently rolls out new applications to support additional lines of business, further straining bandwidth and performance.

"Adding new sites and bandwidth-hungry, time-sensitive applications to the network is increasing our capacity needs as well as our responsibility to continue to deliver optimal business services to remote branches," he said.

As a result, the bank implemented NetQoS ReporterAnalyzer to provide traffic visibility across all links to control the effective use of the network.

The new technology is used to monitor application rollouts, establish QoS policies, improve troubleshooting, and distribute bandwidth appropriately to improve application performance and avoid unnecessary WAN costs.

For example, the Bendigo is in the process of rolling out VoIP to major business centres and will use the new technology to monitor the deployment and mitigate any risks.

ReporterAnalyzer basically provides enterprise-wide visibility into the composition of traffic on every link, enabling the Bendigo to determine VoIP's impact on the network and critical business applications, and to adjust QoS policies accordingly.

NetQoS vice president of worldwide sales, Scott Sherwood, said the Bendigo Bank joins more than 50 other global organizations using ReporterAnalyzer to monitor 1,000 or more WAN links.

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