Collaboration tool needed for court documents

Media agnostic software needed for courts

Australian government agency the Office of the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions (CDPP) has released a tender to develop software to better aid delivering evidence during court presentations.

The agency is specifically looking for software to collate material from a wide range of sources and formats to ultimately form a brief as used in court to reference evidence.

Tenders close at 2pm, December 22. The software must run on all Windows 32-bit and 64-bit environments as well as Vista, have a relational database built on SQL standards and use "platform neutral" data exchange (such as XML).

According to tender documents, the CDPP needs a software solution to quickly and easily search and sift through large volumes of data to be used as evidence and link such evidence electronically.

"This requires superior viewing, playing, searching and reporting facilities across all information related to the case (regardless of the media it is stored on). There needs to be an ability to quickly and easily search and sift through large volumes of evidence by using key words and phrases," tender documents said.

"Tenderers are to propose a software solution that either should be able to import or provide a mechanism to import the evidence database received from various agencies and is able to accept the evidentiary material in formats (such as digital audio, videos, data and text files, e-mails, graphics and presentations.

"The proposed software solution needs to have an ability that allows copying of a sub-set of the electronic brief that excludes CDPP notes and annotations for delivery to the defendant's legal representatives. It needs to have an ability for the defendant's legal representatives to import the electronic brief into their software. It is important the process of copying data and related software is simple both from technical and licensing point of views."

The CDPP has around 500 workstations built on standardized Microsoft Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2000 and other software tools and use Microsoft's SharePoint as portal software with Longitude for additional search features.

The CDPP aims to upgrade for Windows Vista, as well as upgrade to Microsoft SQL2005 and move to a service ortiented architecture in the near future.

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