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Productivity gains for Australian utilities that work smarter with Gentrack Velocity

  • 27 November, 2006 13:28

<p>Melbourne, 27 November 2006. Melbourne-based Talgentra Pty Ltd, a leader in integrated billing and revenue management solutions for utilities, announced today the release of the latest version of Gentrack Velocity.</p>
<p>Highlights for utilities include enhanced Business Process Management tools and interface to NEMMCO, new Meter Data Management (MDM) capabilities and extended CRM functionality for prospecting and customer acquisition.</p>
<p>Gentrack is currently used by over 40 utilities around the world. In Australia its customer base includes energy retailers such as Red Energy, Origin Energy, Alinta and ActewAGL, and Aurora Energy. With the recent meter data management solution implementation at Aurora Energy and upgrades at City West Water and ActewAGL, Gentrack is the most widely used utility billing and customer management solution in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.</p>
<p>In Australia, retail margins are being continually squeezed by competition and the growing costs of energy conservation and regulatory compliance. Utilities are looking for new ways to maximise operational efficiencies though streamlining business processes, in particular those related to complex data management, billing, prospecting, customer care, and credit and collections. Gentrack Velocity is designed specifically to enable utilities to achieve just this.</p>
<p>Talgentra General Manager, James Docking, commented: “The latest version of Gentrack Velocity takes process streamlining and business integration to new levels with a series of Business Process Management (BPM) tools for configuring and managing key aspects of service delivery, prospecting, meter data management and billing. Our key objective is to enable utilities to work smarter in their businesses.”</p>
<p>‘Working Smarter’ is an attractive proposition for many utilities, especially those that host a multitude of applications to run their business daily. As an enterprise application, Gentrack Velocity integrates processes across multiple systems and departments using configurable process flows and automated data exchange tools, while enabling users to touch a single customer centric interface for the delivery of customer service and billing activities.</p>
<p>A good example of this integration is the customer sign-up process, where a customer service representative can access just one screen in Gentrack and is prompted by question flows to collect all relevant customer information, while also activating the required data exchange with MSATS (NEMMCO) and internal departments to complete the switching process.</p>
<p>As energy retailers in Australia search for new ways to compete and conserve energy, it is expected that the next two to three years will see a raft of new pricing and product strategies offered to consumers to influence consumption behaviour.</p>
<p>A key tool in providing such pricing flexibility is the residential roll out of smart meters - a technology being considered by retailers across the country, and currently being trialled in Victoria. Greater automation of metering activities will result in significant increases in metering data, requiring utilities to operate a robust meter data management and pricing solution such as that offered within the latest Gentrack Velocity software.</p>
<p>“Smart Metering across Australian homes? It’s not a case of if - but when,” said Mr Docking. “With this in mind, we have built and successfully delivered a complex data management solution that combines best-in-class meter data management technology with the proven Gentrack Billing engine and a new flexible pricing tool. This is already being used by Australian utilities to automate meter data collection, validation, management and exchange with market participants, while also ensuring data is appropriately formatted and aggregated for billing. Having this raw consumption data at the fingertips also enables effective peak demand forecasting and drives new pricing plans and products designed to smooth consumption spikes.”</p>
<p>Also included in the latest Gentrack Velocity release is a new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solution designed specifically for energy retailers in competitive markets. The challenge for new retailers is to grow a customer base rapidly through targeted prospecting and automated switching activities, while existing retailers attempt to retain customers through high levels of customer service and delivery of innovative products. It is believed that the more products a customer procures from a retailer, the less likely they are to switch. To support this strategy, Gentrack Velocity provides multi-utility billing capabilities and the integrated prospecting, quoting and pricing tools that retailers require to win, retain and manage valued customers.</p>
<p>James Docking concludes : “The Gentrack Velocity Series combines over 15 years of knowledge and experience of the utility industry. We understand the importance of a streamlined and integrated business that enables utilities to deliver competitive and innovative electricity, gas, and water products to consumers. Gentrack Velocity is all about working smarter to achieve maximum productivity and a reduced cost to serve, while winning new customers and growing loyalty.”</p>
<p>About Gentrack</p>
<p>Gentrack is a billing and customer management software solution designed specifically for electricity, gas and water utilities. Gentrack is proven in both regulated and competitive markets worldwide, with 41 sites worldwide across Australia, New Zealand, USA, UK, Asia and The Pacific Islands.
About Talgentra</p>
<p>Talgentra is a global supplier of customer revenue management solutions to the utility, communications, financial and public sectors. Talgentra has offices in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, USA, Malaysia and Singapore.
Talgentra’s principal software brands include:
- Gentrack for customer management and billing
- Tallyman for revenue management and collection
- Airport 20/20 for airport resource management and billing</p>

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