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Engaging the senses with new technology art

  • 22 November, 2006 16:43

<p>The audience experience of art made with digital technology will be the
focus of ENGAGE, a three-day symposium being held from next Sunday (26
November) until Tuesday (28 November) at the University of Technology,
<p>International artists, curators and researchers in new technology art
will discuss the public impact of their work – "the most important issue
of all" according to ENGAGE Co-Chair Lizzie Muller.</p>
<p>"Amidst the hype and controversy about new-technology art, there is
surprisingly little attention paid to the actual experience of the
audience," Ms Muller said.</p>
<p>"ENGAGE will be asking how it feels to encounter an artwork in a virtual
environment, to participate in a make-believe narrative through your
mobile phone or to interact with an artwork through your breath or
<p>Free public talks on Sunday will make the themes of the symposium
accessible to all. They'll be given by Tim Boykett, founding member of
Time's Up, Austria; Professor Ernest Edmonds, Director of the Creativity
and Cognition Studios at UTS; and Professor Beryl Graham, Co-editor of
CRUMB, a resource for new media curating in the UK.</p>
<p>The full event lasts for three days and includes more than 30
presentations by leading researchers in the field of interaction, art
and audience experience. Featured speakers are:
• Andrew Brown, Manager of the Digital Media Program at the Australasian
CRC for Interaction Design (ACID)
• Bill Gaver, Professor of Design at Goldsmiths College, University of
London, and
• Mike Stubbs, Head of Exhibitions at the Australian Centre for the
Moving Image</p>
<p>Among the artists attending will be Daniel Kojta, who was awarded a free
ENGAGE pass through a competition run by the Australian Network for Art
and Technology (ANAT).</p>
<p>"Interactive art is the focus of my work as an artist and a paraplegic,"
Daniel said. "Interactive art offers incredible possibilities to the
senses and as an evolutionary adaptation it will no doubt be embedded
into the lives of all in some way.</p>
<p>"The technology offers a seventh sense for creative exploration, in my
case with the development of phenomena and the experience of senses I no
longer have in use. The situation of paraplegia becomes a host to
unending possibilities when explored through interactivity."</p>
<p>The symposium's free public talks will be held from 3pm to 5pm on Sunday
in lecture theatre 413, ground floor, UTS Building 2 (access from the
UTS Tower building), UTS City campus, Broadway.</p>
<p>For more about ENGAGE, including program and ticket information, visit:</p>
<p>ENGAGE is the fourth annual symposium organised by the Creativity and
Cognition Studios (CCS), based in the UTS Faculty of Information
Technology. CCS is an interdisciplinary research organisation comprising
artists, technologists, curators and sociologists, among others. ENGAGE
is supported by both ACID and ANAT.</p>
<p>Further Information:</p>
<p>Deborah Turnbull,
Ph (02) 9514 2384 or 0406 280 897,</p>
Terry Clinton,
Media Officer, Media Branch,
Marketing and Communication Unit,
University of Technology, Sydney,
Tel +61 2 9514 1623,
Mob 0419 293 261</p>

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