Black Duck smooths feathers of open source coders

Black Duck Software has released a new version of its open source license compliance and management tool

Black Duck Software recently released a new version of its open source license compliance and management tool. It's aimed at companies that develop products where multiple pieces of open source code are blended together. The tool can also help large enterprises or corporations that are writing their own internal or customer-facing applications using open source code.

German ERP giant SAP and hardware vendor Adaptec are among the users of the Black Duck product.

The new version of Black Duck's software - protexIP 4.0 - includes a new interface based on Asynchronous JavaScript + XML (known as AJAX), which provides a visual representation and a more graphical interface for the open source code vetting process.

ProtexIP allows software developers and legal personnel to comb through the computer code in their products internal applications and identify potential licensing conflicts or violations that may be present. It does this by scanning internal code repositories for the presence of open source code, then matching this code to its library of known free source code, and their respective licenses.

The new version includes tool such as an "Executive Dashboard," which groups the review process of all projects being scanned, and provides individual inventories of code in the different projects. A "Code Navigator" tool allows for quick navigation and review of the code inside a project. An "Obligation Fulfillment" feature provides a checklist of tasks required of certain projects before approval.

The new version of protexIP also includes a Software Development Kit, which allows the Black Duck software to be integrated into an organization's software development environment and workflow systems.

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