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Leading Australian Web 2.0 business directory - HotFrog - relaunched

  • 14 December, 2006 13:42

<p>Media release
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14 December 2006</p>
<p>The world’s biggest B2B publishing company has developed the first online business directory using a folksonomy based upon Web 2.0 principles.</p>
<p>Developed in Australia and launched in late 2005, HotFrog is Reed Business Australia and parent company Reed Elsevier’s first step into online business using Web 2.0 technology - the basis for online success stories Wikipedia and Flickr. Since it’s Australian launch, HotFrog now covers 14 countries and is growing rapidly – India, Spain, Germany, France for example. All development, UI and hosting for the global product is managed by the Australian team.</p>
<p>The use of folksonomies makes HotFrog a true “people’s directory”. Instead of the traditional taxonomy model of directories, where a hierarchical classification system is imposed by the site’s editors, HotFrog allows businesses to classify themselves by creating and editing their own tags – that is, the keywords associated with their business.</p>
<p>HotFrog already has over 1 million businesses listed in its Australian directory and hundreds of new companies are adding themselves every week. Company types range from small run-from-home businesses to multi-national corporations.</p>
<p>HotFrog assists the classification process using AJAX technology for its “tag suggest” functionality. When a new business classifies itself, for example as “graphic designer”, HotFrog will instantly suggest a range of existing related tags, such as “brochure designer” or “corporate identiy”.</p>
<p>HotFrog actively cleans the folksonomy using a range of technologies, such as stemming, which takes a tag word back to its root components. For example, the tags “centrifugal pumps” and “pumps – centrifugal” would be stemmed to the same origin and then the more commonly-used term would be selected as the tag.</p>
<p>All this makes HotFrog’s classification system far more descriptive than externally-imposed and restrictive taxonomies. It permits tags such as “pizza restaurant” whereas most other online directories do not classify beyond the simple category of “restaurant”; nor do they allow listing in unlimited categories for free.</p>
<p>HotFrog is also a free service for business and consumers. Businesses can enter themselves for free and edit or add as much content to their site without paying a cent</p>
<p>Visit it at</p>
For more information:
Andrew Dent
Managing Director
Level 8, 475 Victoria Avenue
Chatswood NSW 2067
Tel: +61 2 9422 2901
<p>Reed Business Information is Australia’s largest B2B publisher and information provider. As well as publishing leading magazines such as Australian Doctor, New Scientist and B&amp;T Weekly, Reed Business Information has developed the most advanced internet portals in the B2B industry. Reed Business is the global B2B division of Reed Elsevier Group PLC.</p>

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