Prizewinner is a white collar mechanic

Wins Nokia E61

Canberra-based Computerworld reader Simon Bolton is the winner of the Nokia E61 mobile e-mail device, which was offered to participants of the 2006 IT Salary Survey.

The ACT government senior business analyst describes himself as a white collar mechanic.

"When I was in year 10 at school I wanted to be a mechanic, and in many ways that's what I've become, but with a white collar. I'm happy with my career choice; if nothing else my overalls don't get as dirty," Bolton said.

An avid Computerworld reader, Bolton admits to enjoying the print version over online or the podcast.

"I spend a lot of time looking at a computer screen during my day and it's quite refreshing to grab a cup of green tea and actually turn a page the old fashioned way," Bolton said.

"When I receive my copy each week the first thing I check is 'the Good, Bad and Ugly' column, it never fails to make me squirm; next stop is industry news.

"I suppose my approach is a little like reading the comics in the Sunday newspaper before checking out the front page."

Bolton wasn't surprised by the salary results and believes there is a skills shortage in some areas.

"But in my experience that's always been the case, especially in emerging technologies or in what we term as legacy areas."

So what IT issues are of major interest, is there a favourite technology?

"The area that has always interested me is how to help clients do what they do better, especially when better is defined by the client rather than the IT department," Bolton said.

"More than once, I've worked through issues with a client only to recommend that they use an exercise book and a pencil rather than some hi-tech, networked, all-singing, all-dancing, expensive solution."

Bolton believes Albert Einstein nailed it when he said, "Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler."

"With that in mind you shouldn't be surprised to know that my favourite technology is always the one that gets the job done in the most effective way - though as a furniture maker I do have a soft spot for power tools as well," he said.

To win the Nokia E61, respondents had to say in 25 words or less what they like most about Computerworld. Bolton's winning entry was short and sharp: "Computerworld, concise, contemporary and challenging without compromise. A well-engineered window into the ICT world." Special thanks to everyone who entered the competition; it was a tough choice.

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