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Western Australia Police select Objective for their electronic content management program

  • 05 September, 2006 10:04

<p>The Western Australia Police (WA Police) has selected Objective Corporation (ASX: OCL) to provide an enterprise content management solution that will be accessed through every police station and district office around the State by more than 6000 staff members.</p>
<p>WA Police, a government agency, is responsible for policing the largest single police jurisdiction in the world, an area covering 2.5 million square kilometres. WA Police provide a range of policing services to the community of Western Australia that address crime and justice, along with community and road safety.</p>
<p>Objective will initially focus on replacing file registration and tracking functionality at multiple levels on a number of existing mainframe systems and provide a ‘foundation project’ for a fuller ECM program.</p>
<p>Superintendent Nigel White, WA Police, said: “Findings from the Royal Commission in 2001 identified the need to manage information more effectively. Moving from a Mainframe environment is an identified corporate priority which will assist us in upgrading to more user-friendly information systems that will allow for the effective management of information throughout the organisation.”</p>
<p>Objective will replace seven records systems previously residing on the mainframe. These include:
 Records management system
 Global file tracking system
 Secretariat system
 Criminal Investigation Brief file system
 Video interview tape log
 Coronial enquiry system
 Forensic Branch/Photograph system</p>
<p>WA Police is an information intensive environment and Objective will help manage this diverse range of information effectively. Objective will manage the tracking of video interviews with suspects, investigation briefs, forensic photographs, FOI requests, ministerial files and all other general correspondence.</p>
<p>Through a competitive evaluation process Objective was selected as the preferred vendor. Key criteria for evaluation were quality and usability of the solution.</p>
<p>“Objective met the deliverables and was proven and demonstrable for our purposes. The solution encompassed a range of ECM capabilities that WA Police could adopt into future,” said Superintendent Nigel White.</p>
<p>“Following a successful pilot phase, the solution will now be implemented throughout the organisation. It forms part of an overall Program of Works designed to decommission the mainframe system and enhance the way we perform our ‘Frontline’ policing duties,” said Superintendent Nigel White.</p>
<p>Objective was piloted within the Coronial Investigations Unit who handle investigative information in relation to deaths. The team have since moved from their existing mainframe and card systems to Objective. Divisions, such as Coronial Investigations, deal with extremely sensitive information, it is therefore imperative that the system enables staff to maintain confidentiality of information and privacy of individuals.</p>
<p>Objective provides security of information together with improved data quality, auditability, accountability and transparency of information activities. The “Foundation Project” will also deliver process and technology change that meet legislative requirements within the WA State Records Act 2000.</p>
<p>“Effectively tracking information across our organisation enables us to enhance business processes and achieve better outcomes for the community of Western Australia,” said Superintendent Nigel White.</p>

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