Hungry for speeds and feeds

I've never been a big fan of management-speak, but in recent years it has been spreading like a disease to the point where it's becoming a standard part of our daily vernacular.

We increasingly manage our lives with the efficiency once reserved for event planners, even extending time management principles to our shrinking weekends.

Management-speak has certainly replaced the language of IT.

We've heard it a million times - IT is all about the business with technology relegated to the back room.

Nowadays there are very few meaty discussions about 'speeds and feeds'. Such tech-heavy topics are considered so pre-Y2K.

Even product demos are hardly recognizable with all the talk about outcomes, deliverables and ROI.

Give me some tech specs before we drown in paradigms, value and good governance.

There's nothing dreary about 60TB of raw data or 3.5GHz of pure processing power.

We've had years of IT alignment which is why the industry is losing its tech and becoming the 'busnology' sector. It's time to ditch corporate etiquette and put the tech back into technology!

I know the process of business realignment had to happen, but let's move on.

Before you race out and ditch your subscription to 'Mundane Management Monthly' let's find a happy medium.

One that allows readers to get that old school Java jive back.

What do you think? Do you miss speeds and feeds? E-mail

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