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BigAir delivers even better value iBurst with new off-peak rates

  • 05 September, 2006 16:39

<p>BigAir Group Limited (ASX: BGL) has launched new BigAir iBurst mobile wireless broadband plans which offer additional off-peak data allowances. The iBurst plans provide instant mobile wireless broadband coverage across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra and the Gold Coast within the iBurst coverage areas*. These new plans are expected to compete directly with other current wireless broadband market offerings, providing better options to consumers. The comparison between one of BigAir’s most popular Mobile Card plans, the 1024k/345k $79.95 plan, and the Telstra BigPond Wireless Broadband 256k/64k $79.95 Mobile Card plan is as follows:
-The BigAir plan offers 4 X maximum download speed (1Mbps versus 256k)
-The BigAir plan offers 5 X maximum upload speed (345k versus 64k)
-The BigAir plan includes up to 3 X the included data (1000MB peak and 2000MB off-peak versus 1000MB total).
-The Telstra plan has additional usage charges of 30 cents per additional MB for downloads above the plan usage allowance. This means that a customer who downloaded an additional Gbyte on this plan would incur $300 in excess download usage charges. BigAir users are shaped to slower speeds when their peak or off-peak data allowances are exceeded, however they do not incur excess usage fees.
-The BigAir iBurst Laptop card is also available in USB format which is suitable for ExpressCard equipped laptops that don’t have a PCMCIA card slot. This works on both Windows and Apple laptops (including the newer Apple laptops with Intel CPU). The Telstra Laptop card does not currently support ExpressCard only equipped laptops.
In summary BigAir provides between 4 and 5 times the speeds with up to 3 times the included data, and with no excess usage fees.</p>
<p>Even disregarding BigAir’s new off-peak allowances, the BigAir plans offer significant advantages versus the Telstra Mobile Card plans. BigAir’s new plans are ideal for residential users who want to download exciting new Internet content, or business users who want to download large files more cost effectively but still leave enough data download allowance for work during regular business hours.</p>
<p>Available on most BigAir iBurst plans, subscribers can now use off-peak hours to download up to double the peak limit available on each plan. Off-peak hours run from midnight until 8am, seven days a week and are available to both business and residential customers. Users are shaped to slower speeds when their peak or off-peak data allowances are exceeded, however they do not incur excess usage fees.</p>
<p>CEO Jason Ashton commented: “The launch of these plans reinforces to the market that BigAir aims to deliver superior high-speed wireless broadband and excellent value to its customers.”</p>
<p>To take advantage of these new higher value plans, new users need to purchase an iBurst modem or Laptop card directly from BigAir on 1300 BIGAIR, or via the website, or from Harvey Norman, Domayne, or Bing Lee. On signing, they will also need to pay a connection fee (which is waived on 24 month contract signup).</p>
<p>Existing users can upgrade anytime by contacting BigAir on 1300 BIGAIR, or via the website at</p>

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