This admin is practicing doing software installations from the file server when something goes wrong while he's killing off unneeded files. "The machine cranked for a few seconds instead of quickly deleting the empty folder," admin says. "Sure enough, in two seconds I had deleted a large chunk of files off our main server. Quickly, I logged into a terminal session, opened the recovery bin and restored everything there, not wanting to miss any lost files. The helpdesk phone rang a few times from users wanting to know why files they had deleted were back. Of course, I blamed that on a glitch in the server."


Five minutes after the helpdesk tells an executive to "reboot the system, and the problems will go away", the network suddenly goes down. IT rushes to the computer room and learns the truth: "She walked down three floors, persuaded the security guard to admit her to the computer room and ordered the tech to reboot the server," IT says. "When he asked why, she told him the orders came from the helpdesk." IT jokingly asks the guard, "Why didn't you just shoot her?" Guard: "She's a vice president." Then, looking at the tech: "Him, I could shoot."


Two top IT officials at Ohio University who were suspended in June in connection with data security breaches at the uni in recent months were fired this week. In a statement, the uni announced that Tom Reid, the university's director of communication network services, and Todd Acheson, the manager of Internet and systems, were dismissed in the wake of the breaches -- including one that exposed personal information on 137,000 alumni. The firings come three weeks after the uni's CIO, William Sams, resigned following the disclosure of the security breaches. The university also announced a 20-point plan to improve information security at the school, which has about 16,640 undergraduate students and 862 full-time faculty members on its Athens campus. The initiatives are expected to cost between $US$5.5 million and $8 million.

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