Voting house heads to hosting

Online voting house Registries Limited has signed a four-year hosting deal with Macquarie Telecom to provide network and telecommunications services in a contract worth more than $1.5 million.

Macquarie will also provide hardware to Registries Limited and bill monthly for mobile telecommunications. The hosting service goes live at the end of August, after signing the deal in March 2006.

Stefan Mazurkiewicz, Registries Limited IT project manager, said the decision to head to an entirely hosted environment was driven by a number of telecommunications contracts up for renewal, so the company decided to bundle both IT and telecommunications services together.

Mazurkiewicz said lowered telecommunications costs, coupled with compliance requirements from customers (and audits), led the company to look at a hosted environment.

"We started off at a fairly simple level looking at hosted equipment and that coincided with a number of telecommunications contracts that were up for renewal which we decided to bundle together - we wanted normal telephony and mobile Internet capacity and went looking for service providers and identified a shortlist," Mazurkiewicz said.

"Initially we had 12 candidates that fell to four due to location of facilities, price and the overall level of their offering in terms of security and compliance with different scenarios.

"We have always maintained a separate disaster recovery site in any case and still will, but whether we choose to implement a disaster recovery site under Macquarie Telecom at another site is yet to be discussed and whether or not we want all our eggs in the Macquarie Telecom basket."

Registries Limited provides online registry, voting and communication management services to companies such as Harvey Norman Holdings, Metcash and the Seven Network.

Registries business development manager Frank Nesci said security was an integral part of the deal as a lot of the secured voting services provided by Registries is done online and appropriate systems, and security must be available.

The Macquarie-owned 4Mb private IP network will connect Registries' offices in North Sydney and the Sydney CBD with the Macquarie Telecom hosting centre.

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