WA Police begins ECM rollout

Western Australia Police is implementing an enterprise-wide content management system for 6000 staff which will provide for investigation briefs, video interviews, forensic evidence, global tracking and photography.

Recognizing that WA Police is an information-intensive environment, the system provider Objective will initially focus on replacing file registration and tracking functionality at multiple levels on a number of existing mainframe systems building a 'foundation project' for a fuller enterprise content management (ECM) rollout.

Objective will replace seven records systems which previously resided on the mainframe.

WA Police superintendent Nigel White said findings from the 2001 Royal Commission identified the need to manage information more effectively.

"Moving from a mainframe environment is an identified corporate priority which will assist us in upgrading to more user-friendly information systems that will allow for the effective management of information throughout the organization," White said.

Following a competitive tender process, a pilot was undertaken with the Coronial Investigations Unit, which handles investigative information in relation to deaths. As a result, the unit has moved from its existing mainframe and card systems to Objective.

"Divisions, such as Coronial Investigations, deal with extremely sensitive information; it is therefore imperative that the system enables staff to maintain confidentiality of information and privacy of individuals," White said.

The project must also meet legislative requirements within the WA State Records Act 2000.

WA Police is responsible for policing the largest single jurisdiction in the world, an area covering 2.5 million square kilometres.

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