After several smash-and-grab robberies, this company installs a very high-tech alarm, complete with sensors to detect office windows breaking. But the new system seems to malfunction from the start, frequently sending false alarms to local police. Finally, one lonely weekend, IT is doing a system upgrade and hears glass smashing. "While dialling emergency on my mobile, I ran toward the sound," says IT. "But there was no damage anywhere -- just the gentle purring of a PC left on. Turns out our sophisticated alarm system actually did work. This PC had a unique notification sound for incoming e-mail: breaking glass."

Networking tech needs to restart the primary domain controller, so he notifies users and then sends an all-clear message when the work is done. "I send out the all-clear e-mail and ask any users still having difficulty to contact the helpdesk," tech says. "I then receive an e-mail response: 'Yes, I'm still having trouble. I can't respond to e-mails.'"


User can't connect to the wireless network, so he brings his laptop to IT support for troubleshooting. "I monkey around a bit with the Wi-Fi settings until it looks like the connection has been established," IT says. "Then, to test it, I maximize the browser window that he left minimized down on the task bar. I look at the contents of the browser window for a few moments and muse to myself that before you give your laptop to the guy who's in charge of enforcing corporate IT usage policies, it might be a good idea to close the window full of porn. But then again, maybe that's just me."


IT is called in after a local insurance company's network is down following a storm. "We discovered that a surge had made its way through the network cable and fried the network cards on the PCs," IT says. "No problem: we replaced the cards and voila! The computers were communicating again on the network. Next day, I was disciplined because I had 'gone over my manager's head' by fixing the bad network cards. I later discovered that a whole new set of PCs was ordered upon recommendation by my manager before we'd even evaluated the problem."

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