Trouble ticket submitted to Level 2 support: "Keyboard needs replacing. It is inadequate as it has too many functions."

User complains her PC is dead -- even Ctrl-Alt-Del won't work. IT stops by, makes sure keyboard is plugged in, hits Ctrl-Alt-Del, and the log-in prompt pops right up. "I pretty much wrote the incident off as 'mechanic's syndrome', where the problem doesn't occur in the presence of a mechanic," says IT. "Later, however, the user owned up to how she had removed the keys from the keyboard in order to clean it. Seems that when you switch the Alt key and the Windows key, Ctrl-Alt-Del no longer works."


State agency spends $100,000 to install high-speed Internet connections so local governments can file reports with the agency electronically, reports IT. "Finally, they send out an e-mail with an attached form," IT says. "It reads: 'From this point forward, reports will be submitted via the Internet. Print and fill out the attached Word document and fax it back to us.'"


Published reports say Sprint is suing IBM over a botched outsourcing contract. Sprint signed on with IBM in 2004 with a five-year contract that Sprint expected to save $US550 million in customer-service cost reductions over three years. Now Sprint says the deal cost the company, and claims IBM owes it at least $6.4 million for 119,000 hours of uncompleted work. However, IBM says Sprint is using an incomplete formula for measuring productivity and the amount of hours owed. IBM also manages Sprint customer service in an unrelated, five-year, $2 billion contract.

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