SA Water's CIO moves on

Kevin McCartney, CIO of South Australia Water (SA Water) is leaving the coveted position on Friday, June 16 for a role in the private sector.

McCartney, who has held the position of CIO within the utility for the past three years, said he has had a "great time" in the role; however the weekly commute from the family residence in Melbourne to SA Water offices in Adelaide has taken its toll.

When he first took the role, McCartney made a mental commitment to put in a "fair stint" and believes the work he has completed has done SA Water justice, including leading the charge to a multi-source environment.

"I focused on the strategic management of technology and spent a lot of time at SA Water giving a strong IT governance process, which led to the organization going through a merger of business process redesign exercises driven by IT work," McCartney said.

"We now have an organization that understands corporate strategy and the IT around it and in many ways at the corporate level the company has recognized the right building blocks and put those things in place. We (IT) have regenerated a number of core business systems; that is why I was bought over here, and we have done that in three years.

SA Water had strategic relationships which were reviewed when he started, he said.

"Two years ago, work was re-tendered and SA Water moved to a more multi-source environment and restructured the support function for major applications as well as smaller ones."

McCartney said there is no overhead or value-added stress in managing a team in a multi-sourced environment, adding that it utilizes the same skill sets and performance management models as in a simpler, outsourced environment.

"Multi-sourcing recognizes that the "one size fits all" approach will not necessarily deliver the best outcomes, but I think in terms of having an opportunity to look at different solutions we need to move away from single outsourcing relationships," McCartney said.

"I think the concept that one organization necessarily has the capability to deliver is flawed, but it does come down to sensible vendor management."

McCartney will join "boutique" Melbourne-based IT consulting firm Battison Consulting.

SA Water is actively on the recruiting trail for a replacement.

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