Oz utility gives PeopleSoft financials the chop

Large scale restructuring has resulted in the downfall of PeopleSoft at Victoria's Gas and Fuel. The move comes just weeks after upward scalability issues saw the company miss a big contract at a Queensland bank, according to a report in ComputerWorld.

Gas and Fuel officials claim that PeopleSoft human resources and payroll systems currently in place can't scale down to accommodate the organisation's restructuring plans in preparation for privatisation this year. And recent events at Queensland's Suncorp Metway bank indicate that PeopleSoft is between a rock and a hard place.

As previously reported, Suncorp Metway officials decided against scaling up PeopleSoft human resource and payroll solutions already in place at one of the three banks which merged to form the new entity.

In preparation for the Kennett Government's proposed sale of Gas and Fuel this year, the organisation was split into six different business groups, with the company's IT division -- now EIS -- also being spruced up to woo a buyer.

According to Douglas Crichton, chief financial officer of Gas and Fuel Corp, the EIS group was originally using PeopleSoft's payroll and human resources to manage more than 6000 people throughout the organisation.

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