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Resolve steers Nissan NZ down the right road

  • 04 May, 2006 10:37

<p>Nissan NZ has chosen software from Australian developer, Beethoven Computer Services, to manage and improve the efficiency of its customer care and dealer support systems.</p>
<p>Beethoven’s customer care software, Resolve, has been implemented at Nissan’s Auckland head office to streamline the company’s contact systems and increase the communications process between customers, dealers and support personnel.</p>
<p>Mike Perez, Customer Services Manager, Nissan NZ, says the company’s reorganisation following termination of vehicle manufacturing in New Zealand made it crucial to instigate a more effective way of managing customer and dealer support services.</p>
<p>“Efficiency is always important and Resolve is helping us improve the productivity of our technical staff, freeing up more time for them to deal with actual issues,” Mr Perez says.</p>
<p>Nissan NZ’s service department supports 43 dealers nationwide. The technical and customer assistance staff is responsible for pre- and post-sales support and acts as the conduit between dealers and customers. Through Resolve, the team is able to maintain a more structured vehicle history because all customer and dealer contacts for a vehicle can be recorded in the one system.</p>
<p>“Before Resolve, data from dealers, customers and technical staff was held in separate systems which was time consuming and difficult to manage,” Mr Perez says. “Having a complete customer-centric view of a vehicle’s history on one system has simplified the process greatly, while also improving the quality of the interactions between dealers, customers and head office staff.</p>
<p>“Previously, we were at the mercy of whatever the dealers jotted down when speaking to the technical team, which often meant there would be a number of calls back and forth before reaching a resolution. Now, we have a written track record to go by which significantly speeds up the whole process for both dealers and customers,” explains Mr Perez.</p>
<p>While Resolve has already improved the communication process between dealers and Nissan, Mr Perez says he is very interested in the web-based online connection to Resolve.</p>
<p>“Online access to Resolve should really cut down on the number of phone calls between the head office and dealers and streamline the communication process even further.”</p>
<p>The decision to implement Resolve at Nissan New Zealand followed the successful integration of the software at Nissan Australia.</p>
<p>“The face-to-face meetings we had with Beethoven were extremely beneficial in providing us with the information we needed to make an informed decision,” Mr Perez explains. “We were encouraged by the positive feedback we received from Nissan Australia and felt having the same system would benefit the company as a whole.”</p>
<p>About Beethoven</p>
<p>Australian software development company Beethoven Computer Services has been helping clients improve their customer service since 1994. Using its software Resolve®, Beethoven helps Australian government organisations and corporate businesses manage complaints, queries and requests for information from first contact through to resolution.</p>

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