This entry has won a GBU mug! A Sydney company has just retooled its intranet and part of the marketing campaign was a competition for a shiny new iPod. The questions each person had to answer required them to explore the intranet in order to discover the answers - what a cunning, if not manipulative way to coerce staff to use the intranet - right? One of the questions was "What are the operating hours of the helpdesk?". However, this created one problem. Typing "Help Desk" in the search dialogue yielded 0 results, which resulted in the helpdesk phones running red hot from callers wanting to know their operating hours.


Users in this purchasing department are accustomed to pulling data off the minicomputer, pasting it into a spreadsheet and then using a calculator and manually typing in the result, reports IT on the scene. "The new IT director sees them going through that procedure and shows them how to let the spreadsheet do the calculating for them. Their response? "Thank you, but how do you know the totals are correct?" D'oh!


One in eight male teleworkers and one in 14 female teleworkers say they do their jobs in the nude, according to a new survey on the habits of remote and mobile workers worldwide. While we're talking dirty: more than half the women don't shower on work-at-home days and men are even worse, with only about one in three washing. Not that all this is making people any less productive, in their view, according to the survey by Insight Express and security vendor SonicWall. Three-quarters of those surveyed said working at home makes them more productive and 61 percent said they believe their managers would agree. SonicWall's reason for this survey of 941 remote and mobile workers: to learn about security habits. It found that 88 percent acknowledge storing passwords in unsafe spots and that only 12 percent use encryption to safeguard files.

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